Beta Soundwear

There’s a project that i’ve been involved in on and off for a number of years now, called ‘Soundwear’. The original site is here:, which is from the time of the first exhibition in Brighton back in 2004, a collaboration with Simon Thorogood: The Brighton exhibition showed a version created using MaxMSP/Jitter, which played a random piece of music from a local audio library, and generated random visuals (masked photographic imagery, with the audio varying the transparency)

The ‘alpha’ web version ( was then shown in various galleries, in Poland, and currently in Holland. Also we produced videos which were shown in a touring Craft Council exhibition (to a number of different countries) and a dress and video which was shown in a gallery in Israel.

We’re in a ‘beta’ testing phase, and welcoming interested people to contact us to try out a sociable version ( Let me know – or sign up with the form on the website. Hope you can join us!

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