Non mi comporto male

The internet is a funny thing sometimes…

I just came across a review here of a piece i played (and sort of commissioned) for my music degree final recital. I’ll have to dig out the recording i have of it, and put it up here somewhere!

Richard Causton and I went to the Centre for Young Musicians in London, which at the time provided ILEA pupils (the old Inner London Education Authority) free music lessons on a Saturday. We also went to various orchestral holiday courses, and eventually both ended up at York University studying music. I asked Richard if he could write a piece for my finals recital, and was very happy with the result! He’d remembered me tinkling the ivories on the holiday courses, and my playing around with Ain’t Misbehavin’, and then did is own playing around with the composition.

Many years later, I briefly met Stephen Gutman at the bar at the Almeida Theatre in Islington, through a mutual friend. I thought I’d recognized the name – but it was only when I got a copy of the published version of Non mi comporto male that i realised Stephen Gutman had given a ‘first performance’ of the published version…

Funny thing is, the title, is actually just a guess at what the Italian translation of Ain’t Misbehavin’ might be…

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  1. Stephen,

    I’m glad that the review stimulated memories. 🙂


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