Expo Brighton and an old video

Ah, the sights, the sounds of Brighton… i’d forgotten how vibrant a Friday night can be (viewed from the inside of a cab from the train to Sarah Angliss’s house…) Living in Dorset has definitely slowed me down!

I’m here to do a (brief) gig with Sarah for the Expo involving some robotic bells, a hammered dulcimer player and my cello. Listening to the bells this morning (while waiting to go to the venue) is slowing inducing madness as they’ve been electronically treated and aren’t stopping…

Anyhow, last night my attention was drawn to a video taken by some folk from the New Scientist at our gig (!) in the NPL reverberation chamber last in 2006. Here’s the link – some of the comments are priceless:

Theremin and cello video taken by New Scientist

[update 2013: just seen that the video has > 100,000 views on youtube… must be my 10 mins!]

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