vjsuals for bela

I made a decision to put various bits of my art-y code online, and to see what happens. The first project up in my public code repository was written for some visuals i ‘played’ live for my friend the cellist Bela Emerson.

Click the flash movie below, and try keys:

spacebar to add or make another,

0 to toggle on/off the spiwrongraphs, SHIFT+0 to choose spiwrongraphs,

1 to toggle on/off  the random L-System, SHIFT+1 to choose the L-Systems, Q/A/M/N/O/P/I/U etc. arrow keys, SHIFT arrow keys.

2 makes a new buffer, use with 3 on to play,

3 turns off and on the animation – leaves trails when off,

4, 5, are scrolling backgrounds

6 is a dot thing – space bar will create more (when it’s chosen – SHIFT  6). play with 2 and 3 when this is chosen.

Contact me for access to the flash source code.

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